Monday, November 2, 2009

"Let's Give them Something to Talk About"

The biggest problem SL faces as a communication technology is justifying itself as a valid means of communication to an extent far enough to gain equal or even greater popularity, respect, and use as a social network to that of modern competitors such as Facebook, Skype, or Twitter. Although Second Life has shown itself to be a more developed and thriving virtual world in comparison to Heritage Key, it still is not well established in the real world of technology users.

The credibility of virtual worlds is not yet known by the mass public, especially among the instant message- texting- Facebook generation, which I am apart of. I had to explain the existence of Second Life to every friend I mentioned it to because they didn't have any knowledge of it. This shows a serious disconnect between virtual worlds and the real world. Word of mouth is not nearly enough to promote its existence and potential as an educational and communication technology.

Before Linden Lab even begins to perfect the various communication features such as live voice, note sharing, and instant messaging, it must first target the audience that presents the most users- young people! SL needs the people who utilize multiple forms of communication because they can best appreciate the visual and communal innovation of Second Life.


  1. I got into a verbal tussle with Hamlet Au over the ad campaigns that Linden Lab had sponsored: CSI NY and The Office.

    Both seemed to backfire, sending the wrong message about SL.

    Let clearly Mark Kingdon, Linden Lab's CEO, wants millions of users and mass adoption. Nice interview with him at:

  2. i also agree with your comment of how you have to explain what SL is to all your friends. If you read my blog about this topic, my one friend had a very closed minded and skewed perception of what SL it. If this is the reputation it has in the masses, there is no way it can succeed.